Jerez Wine Tour


Jerez Wine Tour

€ 175
/ per person

When we talk about Jerez de La Frontera we link this name with the famed Andalusian horses, the flamenco and of course the wines carrying its name since centuries ago, the Sherry style wines.

These are very special and unique wines. Some people think that they are just sweet (too sweet actually) and hard to drink. Meanwhile the reality is totally different.

Jerez is the only place in the world where the driest and the sweetest wines are produced, from only one grape variety, called Palomino Fino.

Along with the wines from Montilla/Moriles, the ones in Jerez are ranked among the best gourmet wines in the world, since the characteristics of these special wines are able to be paired with the flavours of all the international cuisines.

This is the excellence of Spanish wines and they are the most sought after ones as well. Nowhere in the world you can get VOS (Very Old Sherry) or VORS (Very Old Rare Sherry) wines which have been aged for at least 20 years in the unique wine cellars of Jerez.

It is not only about the wines, it is about art as well. The wine cellars of Jerez, in fact, receive the name of Cathedrals due to their size and arches that resemble somehow the lines and shapes of those imposing Renaissance churches that are found in Spain or Italy for example.

The white limestone hills, called albariza, are the key factor which enhances the complexity of these special wines. The production area of these wines is defined by a triangle zone which is called Marco de Jerez comprising the city of Jerez, Puerto de Santamaria and San Lúcar de Barrameda. The last one gives its name to the biological ageing wine  Manzanilla de San Lúcar instead of Fino, name used in Jerez and Puerto de Santa Maria.

Discover with us the best gourmet wines on our Jerez Wine Tour. Let’s embark on this journey, traveling along the Andalusian coastline and wild countryside, before arriving in the elegant city of Jerez de la Frontera, the homeland of Sherry wines, the driest and sweetest wines in the world.

On Jerez Wine Tour you will visit one of the imposing Winery Cathedrals to get aquainted with the fascinating history of these incredible wines, the particular wine making process and the unique criadera and solera system.

OPTIONAL visit to second Bodega.

Please let us know your dietary/food requirements upon booking Jerez Wine Tour. Children underage (18 years old) are welcome on tour.

You can book each Jerez Wine Tour as well as any other our tour as late as 1 week prior to departure, via email or whatsapp.
Cancellation is free between 7 and 3 days before departure.
Any cancellation after day 3 before departure will be charged 100% of the total cost of the trip.

1 Day
12+ Age
Jerez de la Frontera
Pick up
At the hotel
Departure Time
8.00 AM
Return Time
7.00 PM
  • 1 Wine Tasting + appetizers
  • 2 Wine Tasting + appetizers
  • 1 Olive Oil tasting (3 EV Olive Oils)
  • 1 Wine Tasting (4 wines) + light lunch
  • Minivan
  • Minivan with driver
  • Wine Guide for introduction and explanations on local viticulture and Bodegas.
  • Visit to a Winery Cathedral with Wine Tasting (4 wines) + appetizers
Jerez Wine Tour
€ 175

8.00 AM Departure to Jerez de la Frontera.*

11.00 AM Arrival and visit a Bodega with the tasting of 4 wines + appetizers.

1.00 PM Free time to stroll around the Tabancos (local and pictoresque Tapas restaurants) to enjoy the lively atmosphere of Jerez by the hand of your Wine Guide. 3 hrs

4.00 PM Return to Málaga

7.00 PM Arrival in Málaga

* In the summer months, from mid June to mid September, this tour will be taken to the coastline resorts of El Puerto de Santa María or Sanlúcar de Barrameda for visiting and tasting and to enjoy a break by the golden sandy beaches of the area.

We strongly recommend to be ready at the meeting point 15 min prior departure in order to leave on time.

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